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天下雜誌 CommonWealth Magazine-Ios

New reading world experience "official story, dynamic graphics, iPad only high-quality sound in depth Magazine World rational reporting style, looking forward to an international perspective, is one of the world's best Chinese financial magazine. Enterprise 32 years ago, has aroused widespread recognition, the latest trends and issues readers continue to introduce our award-winning, most policy makers is based on the basis of the financial environment. This App, the magazine each issue the same high value, high quality FINANCIAL content reports are provided with paper. On the other hand, it is the most comfortable for the readers to create a reading experience, choosing the most comfortable text size and layout has been redesigned for the iPad screen size. Apart from the main world trends, the reader read with pleasure by the way so that you can enjoy better integrated graphics, this version of the magazine, magazines, paper No shiny picture story, as well as audio and video content. Fortune Magazine-iPad version features the same paper reported the story and provide content ●. ● Paper magazine provides a rich selection of more pictures and interactive rendering. ● ● the integration of audio and video content, depending on the screen horizontally read mode switches automatically, you can read a random rotation provides straight. ● Quick and easy directory Categories: eBooks, Science The Operating System IOS.

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天下雜誌 Commonwealth Magazine


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